Posted 16/10/18

Transforming the image of hearing aids

With the stylish new Styletto hearing aids from Signia, there’s more than meets the eye. Crystal-clear sound quality, portable rechargeability, and Own Voice Processing are just a few of the high-tech features these uniquely beautiful hearing aids have to offer because there’s a lot more under the surface.

Styletto hearing aids are more than just accessories, however. Complete with lithium-ion batteries, Styletto is designed to provide stylish high-tech hearing on the go. The devices come with a portable charging case for recharging and can last a full day in between charges. If your lifestyle requires frequent traveling, being able to move freely is a necessity. Styletto’s portable rechargeability is a unique feature, offering an incredible 4 days of wearing free from plugs and cables: The hearing aids contain one day’s charge and the fully charged case gives you another 3 days of rechargeability.

This convenient handling means that hearing aids don’t hold people back. Styletto wearers can take a long weekend trip to another country or enjoy a road trip with friends and family. The convenient handling enables you to focus on what’s important. Because hearing aids should help your career and social life, not hinder them.

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