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Signia Hearing Aids

Stop worrying about missing out on conversations! Thanks to their innovative technology and bold design, Signia solutions help you to hear every word, beat, and breath.

Signia’s innovative hearing devices are designed to inspire. To encourage wearers to be the best version of themselves, embrace their individuality and be proud of who they are! To be bold, to be empowered, to ‘Be Brilliant’.

*Summer promotion on Signia rechargeable hearing aids*

We’re offering promotion’s on Signia AX rechargeable hearing aids, with prices starting at £1,495 per pair. Speak to our team instore or call us on 01243 823144 to find out more.

Over 140 years of innovation

Signia Logo

Signia really put their money where their mouth is when it comes to innovation. As a brand they are in their infancy, having only officially launched in 2016 (despite being built on over 140 years of audiological expertise). However, their incredible legacy has already allowed them to bring several successful “world firsts” to the market – a trend that continues to this very day! Signia lead, they don’t follow.

From incredible cutting-edge technology to the incremental improvements in every tiny design detail, innovation is woven into Signia’s fabric. They are proud to be consistently leading the way in consumer-driven innovations, which inspire and encourage wearers to ‘Be Brilliant’.

Signia hearing devices have it all – style, superb sound, and rechargeability, providing wearers with the confidence to not just hear again, but to hear better than ever – to ‘BE BRILLIANT’. Discover Signia’s portfolio at Sight & Sound!

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