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GN ReSound Hearing Aids

GN ReSound is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer and one of the world’s biggest suppliers of hearing aid technology.

ReSound’s innovative hearing solutions combine original thinking and design with solid technology – all based on deep audiological insight and understanding of hearing aid users.

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Innovation to improve lives

Since 1943, ReSound has pioneered innovative hearing solutions and delivered a number of hearing industry firsts, including WDRC (wide dynamic range compression), open fit hearing aids and LiNX, the first-ever made for iPhone hearing aids. By combining expertise in the cornerstones of Smart Hearing technology, people with hearing loss can experience, connect and communicate better than ever before.

People with hearing loss are at the heart of what ReSound do. In an ever-smarter world, they think big and challenge the norm to transform lives through the power of sound. A life that empowers you to hear more, do more and be more than you ever thought possible.

ReSound hearing aids let you focus on what you want to hear. That might mean understanding a conversation in a noisy restaurant, being able to focus on the speaker in a large meeting room or hear your grandchildren call your name.

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