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Starkey Hearing Aids

Established in 1967, Starkey is the only privately owned, American hearing aid manufacturer and are at the forefront of developing innovative hearing aid technology.

The first company to introduce a custom rechargeable hearing aid, Starkey’s mission includes connectivity and personalisation – creating hearing aids that adapt to your needs and lifestyle.

World leader in hearing solutions

Starkey were founded by Texan William Austin and is now the largest supplier of hearing aids to the US market. They also have a UK base near Manchester, where all of their custom products are made and serviced.

Being able to hear the people and world around us is as essential to the human experience as breathing. As a world leader in the manufacturing and delivering of advanced hearing solutions, Starkey go to work each day to ensure every person on the planet has the opportunity to hear their very best.

Their philosophy focuses on both hearing loss and the impact on general health and wellness, allowing them to combat hearing challenges for a better listening experience. Their innovation brings with it the introduction of the market’s smallest completely-in-canal (CIC), with wireless capabilities, meaning Starkey can offer a complete family of styles that cater for most hearing losses.

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