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Stepper Eyewear

Stepper Eyewear has a dedication to the creation of outstanding glasses and to the close professional relationship with eyecare specialists.

Driven by technology, Stepper Eyewear embraces what’s new in materials, processes and challenges the possibilities of what can be achieved in eyewear.

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Original German design

Hans Stepper was born in December 1935, his father was an optician with a small shop in Stuttgart, Germany. He became the apprentice and during this time showed a keen interest and passion for design and craftsmanship with optical frames.

Hans’ mission – instead of following his father’s recommendation – was to manufacture plastic frames by injection moulding and not using the traditional method of cutting from acetate sheets. In 1970, as a joint venture with an expert in plastic moulding technology, Stepper Eyewear was born.

The brand’s unique frames were ahead of the times, sculptured around the face rather than showing the conventional flat appearance. Stepper Eyewear’s unique solutions continue, with their vision for eyewear made possible by embracing all that is new and combining it with the best that has gone before.

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