Posted 12/03/24

Starkey hearing aids open day – Visit us in store

At Sight & Sound we’re inviting you to experience Starkey’s world-renowned, innovative hearing aid technology at one of our two upcoming open days.

On Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th March we’re partnering with Starkey for an open house event in our Bognor Regis practice, with a Starkey expert on hand in store to offer advice and demonstrations of their latest technology.

Join us in store and experience:

  • A FREE hearing screening & consultation
  • Videotoscopy – To take a look inside your ear
  • Listen and compare Starkey’s Genesis AI hearing aids to you current hearing aids
  • Get up to £400 off Genesis AI – when you trade in your old pair

Learn more about Starkey’s Genesis AI hearing aids

Life should be heard in the most authentic and enjoyable ways and with today’s best hearing aids you’ll never miss the moments that matter most. The biggest leap forward ever in hearing technology, Genesis AI hearing aids are anything but ordinary – better hearing never sounded so good! The all-new Ear-Brain TechnologyTM makes Genesis AI sound true to life.

  • Helps make it easier to hear in noisy environments
  • Over 80 million automatic adjustments per hour help adapt to every environment
  • The longest lasting rechargeable RIC available
  • Available in styles that are virtually invisible
  • Stream calls, music and more straight to your ears
  • Includes features that count steps, translate languages, find lost hearing aids and more

Appointment times for the open days are limited, so please call us on 01243 823144 to book yours and start your journey to better hearing.