Posted 07/10/19

Signia Xperience – Hear what matters

Everyone is different. And everyone has a unique hearing experience depending on where they are and what they are doing. But until now your hearing aids could only listen and make educated guesses about the type of situation you’re in. Not anymore!

Signia has now launched their next generation platform and at first glance it offers much. With a brand new platform chip and a whole host of new features, this proves promising for this new direction in hearing.

The new product has a worlds first, introducing acoustic-motion sensors! and Signia claim this new technology can be optimised to deliver sound with a more natural result. Allowing localisation, voice detection and more advanced noise reduction.

We are hugely excited to see what this product can do. We are also pleased that we have some great offers available with the new product. Why not get in touch with our team at 5 High Street, Bognor and book a consultation.

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