Posted 22/02/21

Signia – Motion X allows you to Be Brilliant

Be Brilliant, with Signia Motion X

What does it take to Be Brilliant? In simple terms, we know you need a lot of focus and dedication – at Sight and Sound understand that. Hearing what matters has never been more important, where a missed word can mean a missed opportunity. Settling for average might have been good enough in the past, but with Signia products – you don’t have to just ‘settle’ anymore.

The new range of Signia Motion X hearing aids allow you take your performance (and hearing) to the next level. They feature revolutionary motion-sensor technology that even recognises whether you are moving or not, ensuring that you experience everything going on around you. Whether in person (or virtually due to the pandemic) – you might enjoy a hard workout, brainstoming with colleagues, or quality time with your loved ones; Motion X keeps you hearing what matters to you, in every situation.

Be Brilliant throughout your day

Being brilliant not only means hearing what matters to you but also being fully independent to achieve your goals in life. That is why Motion X comes with high-tech features such as Bluetooth streaming of phone calls and music straight into your ears at the right audio levels for you.

These sleek modern all-rounders are rechargeable, delivering up to a whopping 61 hours (wow!) of use on a single charge! No more annoying (and downright fiddly) battery changes when you least expect – you simply let the aids recharge while you sleep and then you’re ready to go for the whole day. That’s why these powerful little devices also carry the title ‘Charge&Go’.

Be Brilliant with the right choice for you

Because everyone’s hearing needs are different, Motion X comes in a range of models and colours to suit different style preferences and degrees of hearing loss, from very small (comparable in size to a 312 RIC) to a fully-loaded Super Power to tackle profound hearing loss:

Motion Charge&Go X

A small rechargeable behind-the-ear device which is easy to use and comfortable to wear. This ultimate rechargeable hearing aid combines revolutionary Signia Xperience technology with Bluetooth and the Signia Assistant. Just charge it and get on with your whole day.

Motion Charge&Go P X

This powerful rechargeable hearing solution for every situation comes in a sleek new design with Bluetooth and the Signia Assistant, ensuring that whatever you spend your day doing, you will be able to perform at your very best.

Motion Charge&Go SP X

This revolutionary device combines Super Power with super features. It is the complete package for anyone with severe to profound hearing loss because they also get Bluetooth, rechargeability and the Signia Assistant for all-round brilliance.

All models come with a compact charger, with the option to upgrade to a Dry&Clean charger for the Motion Charge&Go P X and Motion Charge&Go SP X models.

The innovative Signia Motion X range of sleek, modern, rechargeable devices stands up to any challenge to let you Be Brilliant – all day, every day. Experience Motion X now by contacting us today on 01243 823144