Posted 27/02/18

Road Pilot – Safer driving at night

Essilor continue to drive the way forward in enhancing visual comfort for the wearer, this is so important for many drivers at night.

Did you know:

  • Lights at night can create reflections and glare on our glasses.
  • These reflections and glare disturb our eyes, creating discomfort and lower visual acuity.
  • They can come from all directions and different sources (headlights, traffic lights, street lamps), turning the driving experience into an inconvenience more than a real pleasure.

We are all spending more time on the road but the same problem comes up every time we are behind the wheel: we don’t feel as comfortable when driving at night. In fact, 17 million drivers in the UK struggle to see at night.

Road Pilot Benefits 

Paired with Crizal Drive anti-reflective coating, Road Pilot offers:

Up to 90% less reflections at night, leading to a decrease in glare

  • Optimal clarity of vision during the day and night
  • A larger, more enhanced field of vision for varifocal wearers
  • Complete protection against scratches, smudges, dust, water, harmful UV and blue-violet light

At Sight & Sound Bognor, Lancing and Stubbington with our multi pair lens offer, this is an affordable way to having excellent driving spectacles.

If you suffer when night driving make your appointment at one of our branches to discover the benefits of Road Pilot.