Posted 31/10/17

Rechargeable version of the Oticon Opn

This month has saw the usual launch of some updates from our hearing aid suppliers, the most notable being the introduction of a rechargeable version of the Oticon Opn.

Oticon launched the Opn in April last year and we have found it hugely successful with our clients, the sound quality and technology you get is some of the most advanced available and can offer patients up to 30% better speech understanding.

The Opn miniRITE rechargeable option is an easy to use and very convenient addition. No need to replace batteries – the hearing aids are charged overnight for a full day’s use.

But there’s more…. if you forget to charge, you can use conventional batteries as a backup. So there’s no risk of suddenly running out of power. Opn’s unique natural sound experience enable you to hear sounds and speakers around you, so you can take part in conversations you like, even in noisy surroundings and by the use of less listening effort.

As if that isn’t enough Oticon also launched the Connectclip, so anyone with an Android, iPhone or any other smartphone can now turn their Opn aids into a high quality wireless headset for making hands-free calls or playing music.

Using cutting edge technology the ConnectClip allos high quality streaming of phone calls to both ears and can also function as a remote control and more!

Why not contact our offices in either Bognor, Stubbington and Lancing for more information on how this can benefit you.