Posted 20/07/17

Invisible isn’t always best

I recently saw a client at our Bognor Regis office who wanted a hearing test, as the consultation progressed we discussed the many options available in both technology and style of instrument available.

The patient left us to give our initial recommendation, which was based upon our knowledge of the technology but also what we felt would work best for the patients lifestyle and budget, so we opted for a Receiver in the Ear (RITE) style model.

After around two weeks the client was convinced that they couldn’t get on with them, due to wearing glasses and when they brushed their hair, so they wanted the smallest most discreet product available.

After advising that this might not be possible due to their very narrow ear canals and although talking through the pros v cons of such an instrument, the patient decided they still wanted to give it a go!

When we reviewed the patient after fitting on their two week follow up the patient has now realised that while the instruments are small and comfortable in the ear they have noticed that the battery is smaller and more difficult to change, they don’t t like the fact their ears are completely blocked and the volume sounds harsh and less natural than the previous model and so they have now switched back to the model that goes behind the ear.

The scenario above can be seen in clinic only too often. At Sight and Sound we do our best to offer the very best advice possible, based on your needs. When choosing a hearing device, we need to make sure it will give the best possible outcome for you. Our audiologists have over 40 years experience in hearing healthcare and they are more than happy to guide you through the process of choosing the right instrument for you.

It important to us that you are happy with the choice you make, its also our priority to make sure we give you the very best option suitable for your hearing loss.

Perhaps you have concerns about your hearing, or know someone who has?

Whether you have a hearing test in Bognor, Lancing or our Stubbington branch you can confident that you’ll receive the very best advice.