Posted 14/07/17

How people view their hearing

As someone who has worked in the hearing care industry for over 20 years it has always intrigued me how people view their hearing. We have our eyes tested regularly and if our consultant advises that we need to have new glasses or contact lenses we don’t think twice about resolving the issue. Why then do we struggle to accept this with our hearing?

I saw a patient recently who was concerned that they may have issues with their hearing and on testing this was confirmed. However when discussing the possible affects that a hearing loss has in relation to their communication with their family, friends and lifestyle, they commented “Well, I know its not great! but I get by!”

I hear this sort of comment far too often and at Sight and Sound we are continually striving to educate our patients on the importance of good hearing care.

We always recommend that people who visit our branches in Bognor, Lancing and Stubbington have an annual check up of their hearing, just like you should for your eyes.

Sound is one thing. Making sense is everything. The sounds your ears receive are sent to your brain, which translates them into meaning. With hearing loss your brain tries to fill in the gaps of the sounds you don’t hear and this process can make hearing loss very exhausting.

Many hearing aids support your brain to understand what is going on with less effort. The BrainHearingTM technology inside Oticon hearing aids enables you to: organise sounds and orient yourself with your surroundings, hear better in challenging environments, engage in conversations where you switch focus and listen according to your personal preference.

Trying to keep up with the conversation in a busy environment can be challenging enough, the harder you concentrate to hear everything the more tired you become. Eventually you are likely to give up and withdraw from the conversation altogether and this really cant be right.

If you feel you struggle with conversation, hearing your grand kids or find that your withdrawing from participating then in everyday conversation get in touch. It really doesn’t have to be that way!

At Sight and Sound our qualified staff with give you free, impartial advice about all aspects of hearing care…. or eye care for that matter.

Give your brain a chance to make sense of what you need to hear, you might be surprised and find your missing out on more than you think.

Call our office to discuss your needs and book an appointment for a FREE assessment on 01243 823144