Posted 02/10/23

Join our new Ear Care Club to save money on your hearing care

This month, we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new Ear Care Club for new and existing customers!

This exclusive subscription enables you to save money on products and services that we offer at Sight & Sound, meaning you get better hearing, support and our range of hearing care services for less.

What does Ear Care Club include?

When you sign up for just £23.99 per month, you can save over £500 per year on our products and services. The full benefits of Ear Care Club include:

  • 25% discount on a hearing aids upgrade when you sign up
  • 6-monthly hearing aid health check, including a set of replacement receivers, a firmware check and upgrade and an ear wax check
  • 2 x wax removals per year
  • 3 x filters and 3 x domes
  • Unlimited warranty*
  • Annual check up fee included
  • Hearing aid care kit – from our partners at Signia
  • 2 x boxes of batteries**

* Warranty covers repair or replacement of the defective aids provided, with any such repair or replacement at the manufacturer’s discretion if the product is outside the standard warranty terms. The warranty does not cover any loss of the hearing aids, whether under standard, or unlimited, warranty terms.

**Batteries only included for non-rechargeable hearing aids. Battery boxes contain xx batteries per box.

How do I sign up?

If you’d like more information on Ear Care Club, or would like to speak to us about any of our hearing care products and services, visit us in store or call our friendly team on 01243 823144.