Posted 07/07/17

A Sight & Sound first

Today is a leap forward for our small independent business! You can now follow us on Twitter and Facebook @HearingBognor.

It the first time that our Bognor, Lancing and Stubbington branches have been involved, offering the best in eye care and hearing care to the community.

In a world where social media now plays a huge part in our day to day lives, we are proud to start a journey that will keep our customers more informed on what is new.

Look out for promotions, tips on caring for your eyes and hearing and why not take time to get to know more about the sight and sound team!

This the first steps in us being more involved with our clients and we would love to hear from our existing customers as well as new, with ideas on what information they’d like to see on our new sites.

If you want to get involved with Sight & Sound or whether you need an eye test, ear wax removal, hearing test why not call for a consultation in either Bognor, Stubbington or Lancing.