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Oticon Xceed BTE SP/UP

Designed for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss, Oticon Xceed BTE SP (Super Power) and UP (Ultra Power) have a chic, compact design, a tactile, easy-to-operate double push button for volume control and a separate button for changing programmes.

Featuring Bluetooth technology, these hearing aids deliver seamless connectivity to your favourite devices. A built-in telecoil in Oticon Xceed BTE SP and UP offers enhanced listening in public settings with loop systems, such as the theatre or cinema. Both options also include an optional discreet, two-colour LED indicator to monitor hearing aid status.

With two options and three tech levels there are many options available for patients with severe hearing loss.


  • A 360° sound experience: This Oticon hearing aid features a life-changing technology that connects you with the full range of sounds all around you.
  • No more whistling sounds: A new feature detects and prevents annoying whistling sounds before they even occur.



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