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Oticon Accessories

Oticon develop hearing care that changes the lives of people with hearing loss. They do this by pushing the limits of technology, and if that means challenging conventions, then that’s what they do. This is what makes them a leader in the industry.

Offering a superb range of accessories for all patients’ needs from TV, phone and smart apps, they push technology to give patients the ability to enjoy their hearing, regardless of the situation.

  • TV Adapter 3.0: The TV Adapter allows you to enjoy watching TV at your preferred volume, while the rest of the family can keep the volume at a level that suits them. The sound is rich and natural and there are no delays, so the sound matches the visuals on your TV screen.
  • Remote Control 3.0: Oticon Remote Control offers an intuitive, straightforward and discreet way to operate your hearing aids. With the remote control, you can perform the most common everyday adjustments without drawing attention to your hearing aids.
  • ConnectClip – Wireless microphone and headset in one: Turn your Oticon hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset with ConnectClip. Make hands-free phone calls and stream music from your smart phone. Tune in to someone speaking from a distance using its remote microphone functionality. You can even use ConnectClip as a discreet remote control for your hearing aids.

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