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Optase Moist Heat Eye Mask


Optase Moist Heat Eye Mask is a hydrating, heated eye mask that can be used to minimise symptoms of dry eye, Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Using HydroBead technology, this mask absorbs moisture from the air and transfers it to your eyes. This mask also distributes heat to the eyes for a soothing and hydrating effect.

This reusable and washable eye mask is comfortable to wear as it’s made from soft material. The strap is also adjustable to ensure you get the perfect fit. This mask stays hot for 30 minutes. Simply heat the mask, test that the temperature isn’t too hot and then apply the mask for an effective eye treatment. This mask can also be put in the fridge and used as a cold compress to relieve seasonal allergy symptoms and irritation from contact lenses.


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