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Optase Comfort Drops – 20 x 0.4ml


Optase Comfort Drop comes in single use eye drop vials which offer effective relief from the effects of dry eyes while wearing contact lenses, and can be used even without contact lenses in. The preservative-free formula contains hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the eye to hydrate and protect eyes from environmental damage.

The vial bottle design provides the ideal volume of eye drops for a single use in one or two eyes, taking up far less room in your wash bag. Perfect for travel or to keep at your workplace, Optase Comfort Drop helps to keep busy lifestyles under control.

The formula is suitable for use directly into the eye, or alternatively to be inserted into your eye alongside your contact lenses. Since these eye drops are preservative-free, they are stored safely in single use vials to be more safe, natural and fresh for your eyes as soon as they are opened. Due to the freshness of the ingredients, they should be used as soon as they are opened, and any unused eye drop liquid should be discarded.


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