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Now the quality of your hearing experience can evolve in real time and in real life.

The WIDEX EVOKE™ hearing aid has interactive options that help you intuitively shape your listening experience anytime, anywhere. Plus, you can access hearing expertise remotely with WIDEX REMOTE CARE™.


  • WIDEX EVOKE™ automatically adjusts to your real-life needs and your real-life environment, so you don’t miss a single moment.
  • Help your hearing aids get smarter: Every time you interact with WIDEX EVOKE™, it improves. For example, you might personalise your listening experience at your favourite restaurant. WIDEX EVOKE™ will learn from that, with Widex using this anonymous data to keep updating the SoundSense Technology in so that it gets even smarter as time passes. In other words, the intelligent WIDEX EVOKE™ you buy today becomes even smarter tomorrow.
  • Connectivity: With the WIDEX EVOKE APP and range of DEX accessories you will always feel connected to the world around you.

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